Keeping the Hunting Heritage Alive!

                The Arizona Mule Deer Organization is much more than just Mule Deer, the fact is we are extremely proactive in the development of future hunters, and we put a ton of volunteer hours and money into that cause. This year, 2021, looks to produce a great time for a lot of kids, their siblings, and their families! 

 AMDO will be hosting 8 youth camps in the fall of 2021 and one Javelina Youth Camp in 2022. These camps cost nothing for the attendees or the volunteers as we supply the food and beverages.  We also hold educational seminars during the day, and we mentor the young hunters. Mentoring can mean many things but in the case of our camps mentoring is all about ethics, morals, respect for wildlife, respect for our environment and respect for the safety of the hunt and entire experience we provide while being at our camps. 

The second weekend of October will be incredibly busy as AMDO will be hosting 5 youth camps in one weekend!  We truly hope the Arizona Game and Fish Department can push some camps back to the first weekend of October next year. These camps will be held in:

  • Units 22/23 4 miles north of Punkin Center
  • Unit 27
  • Units 34/35
  • Units 33/37
  • The Multi Unit Hunt in the Prescott area.

To find more information about these camps, please go to: and find the ones you would like to attend. There are a whole bunch of camps to learn from. If you are looking for specific camps that AMDO will host just look for the AMDO on those camps, click on the register button and boom, you’re registered!  

 The Arizona Game and Fish Department does a fantastic job helping nonprofits like AMDO hold these camps. Not only can we apply for grants we also have the privilege of having several Wildlife Managers in our camps to show the kids a few tricks like cleaning a quail or boning out a mule deer!

 I wanted to let folks know that behind the scenes at AZGFD is one individual that keeps the wheels on all of this and without him I know the department would struggle and in turn so would all of us non-profits. My sincerest thanks go out to Doug Burt, he is the guy that holds it all together (I know he would tell you he couldn’t do it by himself because that is how he rolls)

We hope to see you all in one of our camps!!!