The Arizona Public Service Connection

The Arizona Mule Deer Organization can only move forward with the dedication of our volunteers and our sponsors. Our volunteers come in many facets; one might be that person who loves to go out and get sweaty and dirty on work projects…one might be the person who comes to our banquets and spends their hard-earned money to help us with our mission statement…one might be that donor who loves the thought of wildlife conservation and takes the time to send us a donation.

Then there are those companies that donate to us in materials. These companies help us in ways we can’t easily explain but we can show the end results once we are done. One such company is our very own Arizona Public Service. Each year APS decommissions hundreds of solar panels and these panels can be used on several types of projects that AMDO does. Some of those projects include windmill to solar modifications, one may be a solar array on a well that usually would have a generator to pump the water, and then there are those projects that we do that will use these panels to push water up hill and over many miles to the next trough.

As partners with APS, we take these solar panels and use them on our projects which in turn keeps these panels from going to the dump.  This partnership has been a success all through Arizona, from the Kaibab Plateau to the Coronado National Forest and everywhere in between!

AMDO solutes the Arizona Public Service for their love of our wildlife and we will continue to help all wildlife with their solar panels. Not only will Arizona’s Mule Deer benefit from these panels, but all the creatures, big & small, will also benefit from our projects.