Jenni Rigo

Chairwoman of the Board

I am a Native of AZ and an avid outdoors-lady. Mule Deer populations, as is known, are declining and habitat is ever changing due to environmental effects. I want to be a driving member of the group and am willing to step up to make an impact to help sustain and improve the Mule Deer in Arizona. My family consists of my two sons ages, Daniel 9 and Matthew 4 and my husband of 14 years, David. My boys and I adventure often and we have the good fortune to live in Flagstaff where we can take full advantage of our surroundings. My passions include hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, reading and exploring. There is little I enjoy more than being in the outdoors absorbing the beauty that the good Lord made for us. Since 2010 I have had the pleasure of being a Store Manager with Sportsman’s Warehouse where I have met and worked with countless Wildlife conservation members. I have admired their passion and efforts and am now honored to be doing my part as a Board Member for AMD. I look forward to working with you and for you as we build a better future for AZ Mule Deer.