Marshall MacFarlane

Vice Chairman of the Board

Marshall MacFarlane is an avid outdoorsman that was born and raised in eastern Canada. He’s been in Arizona for over 20 years, with a five-year stop in northern Maine in between.

Marshall has been a freelance outdoor writer and editor for over 30 years, contributing to both print and online media. Marshall is a past member of the Western Outdoor Writers and the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

Marshall is a millwright by trade and currently works with the University of Arizona as the Executive Director, Campus Management and Operations at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. In this role he oversees a majority of campus support services including Facilities Management, Campus Security, Emergency Planning and more. He also has 13 years of service with the Canadian Army.
He belongs to several professional associations and actively volunteers at Church and with a number of charitable causes. He lives in Queen Creek with his wife Karole and daughter Mikaela.