November: Taking Strides in Conservation and Community Engagement

Hello from Terry Herndon, CEO of AMDO

As we navigate through the heart of November, with leaves fallen in the north and the persistent dryness of the desert, the Arizona Mule Deer Organization (AMDO) has been energetically involved in various conservation activities.

Cordes Ranch Cleanup: A Community Effort

Our recent cleanup initiative at Cordes Ranch was a testament to community spirit. Nearly 20 volunteers joined forces early in the morning, determined to address the rampant issue of illegal dumping and environmental neglect at the ranch. By the day’s end, we had filled a large dump trailer and several truck beds to the brim with litter. Despite making significant progress, we recognize the need for ongoing efforts and plan to return in April for further cleanup. During our time at the ranch, we had the honor of meeting Patsy Cordes, a seventh-generation rancher. Her family’s longstanding commitment to wildlife conservation and land stewardship was evident and deeply inspiring. In a significant move, Patsy has invited AMDO to adopt her ranch through the Arizona Game and Fish program, a responsibility we eagerly accept, focusing on maintaining cleanliness and aiding with fencing and water catchments.

Solar Panels: Innovating for Wildlife and Ranchers

A crucial part of our conservation strategy involves the use of solar panels, generously donated each year by Arizona Public Service. These panels are a lifeline for ranchers, facilitating water projects and replacing the increasingly scarce traditional windmills. The use of solar panels for water pumping is not only eco-friendly but also aids ranchers in efficient water management. To ensure the maximum benefit for wildlife and hunting communities, we have set two critical conditions for ranchers receiving these panels: continuous water supply and hunter access to the land.

Repairing Water Catchments: A Critical Mission

Our commitment extends to the maintenance and repair of water catchments, a vital resource for wildlife. Often alerted by equestrian enthusiasts or our own monitoring volunteers, we respond swiftly to reports of malfunctioning catchments. While many issues are quickly resolved thanks to our skilled volunteers, some situations, like a recent incident of vandalism and theft, demand more extensive repairs and funding. We’re determined to restore these vital water sources, with plans underway for a major revitalization project in early 2024.

 Youth Camps: Nurturing the Next Generation

AMDO’s dedication to youth education continues with our upcoming camp in unit 42 near Wickenburg, scheduled from November 30th to December 3rd. These camps are not just about hunting; they’re about instilling a love for the outdoors and conservation ethics in the younger generation. We welcome and encourage your participation.

Upcoming Banquets: Celebrating and Funding Our Mission

Our annual banquets play a pivotal role in funding AMDO’s activities. With seven regional banquets each year, the funds raised are directly reinvested into local conservation projects. Our first banquet of 2024 promises to be a special event, hosted at the Flying E Ranch near Wickenburg on January 27th at 5 pm. This event offers a unique experience with optional camping spots and special ticket packages that include accommodation at the ranch.

To be a part of this exciting event and support our conservation efforts, get your tickets here.

Together, through these initiatives and events, we continue to make strides in conservation, community engagement, and preserving Arizona’s rich hunting heritage

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