If you want to be a part of building our future in hunting and like seeing the look on a kids face that just sealed the deal on their first buck then you have the makings of a mentor!
AMDO will be hosting 5 camps this weekend and one following weekend.
This weekend we will be in unit 23, just north of Punkin Center and we will be helping kids in 22 and 23.
We have a camp in unit 27, a camp in the Prescott multiple units.
A camp in 33/37 at the YMCA campground.
A camp in the 34/35 units located at Empire Ranch air strip.
The following weekend we have a brand new camp in 20C near Congress.
I was 30 years old when my wife Margie and I decided to do something greater than just hunting. I wanted to give back and show young hunters what I’ve seen and be there with the parents when they shot their first deer. We started our first camp in Unit 23 and this year makes 23 years since we made that happen. I have to tell you that feeling is embedded in me for life! Every time I look into the face of a young hunter who has just killed their first deer it takes me right back to 1973 and the feeling I had when I shot my first buck in 18B.
If you are ready and willing, AMDO would like to put you on our mentors list!  One day or 3 days…they all work and we will appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.
Do you want to be a part of our hunting heritage and spend a few days doing great things? Then call or text me at 623-696-5579 or email me at terry@azmuledeer.Org