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Arizona Mule Deer Organization Outdoor Cleanup Contest

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Arizona Mule Deer Organization is excited to announce our latest initiative to keep our natural landscapes pristine: the Outdoor Cleanup Contest! Here’s everything you need to know to participate and possibly win a fantastic 2A prize:

How to Participate:

  1. Find an Outdoor Area: Choose any outdoor location that needs some cleaning.
  2. Clean Up: Collect all the trash you can find in that area.
  3. Take Photos: You must take before and after photos of your cleanup efforts.
  4. Bag Count: Count the number of bags of trash you collected. Each filled bag earns you one entry ticket into our prize drawing.
  5. Dispose Properly: Remember to dispose of the collected trash in an appropriate manner.

Contest Rules:

  • Eligibility: The contest is open to everyone. Participants under 18 must have their entries submitted by a parent or guardian who has completed an FFL (Federal Firearms License) form.
  • Submit Your Entry: Send your before/after photos along with the bag count to Terry via email at or text them to 623-696-5579.
  • First 250 Entries: The first 250 participants to submit their entries will be entered into a drawing for the 2A prize.
  • Safety Precautions:
    • Be cautious of venomous snakes and insects while cleaning.
    • Stay hydrated and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety during the cleanup.

Good luck to all our participants! Let’s make a difference together by cleaning up our beautiful Arizona outdoors. Remember, every bag counts not only for your chance to win but also for the environment.

Keeping the Hunting Heritage Alive

AMDO is a proud 501c3 non-profit organization that was established to enhance habitats and waterways throughout Arizona for our Mule Deer herds, and all the other animals that live here as well.


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