AMDO December Update: Wrapping Up the Year and Gearing Up for 2024

December flew in like Santa and was gone before I could get a newsletter out! We really hope everyone has had a great holiday and is ready for 2024.

Embracing 2024 with Enthusiasm and Commitment

Kickstarting the Year at Flying E Ranch

2024 has a lot to look forward to and we want to get you all caught up on what that might be.

First up to bat is our Region 4 fundraiser in Wickenburg at the Flying E Ranch! This is a new venue for us and we are looking forward to seeing it grow. It is a fun place to hang out and just enjoy the desert in January! This year’s banquet is January 27th and if we get this out in time and you would like to join us just send us a text at 623-696-5579 and we will get you all the info.

Conservation Efforts in Full Swing

As February rolls in, we’re gearing up for a hands-on conservation project during the weekend of the 17th. Our focus will be on the critical restoration of four spring boxes at the 51 Ranch. These structures are crucial for wildlife, especially in arid times, providing a reliable water source. Set against the backdrop of Unit 21, just north of New River, AZ, this project offers a perfect blend of conservation work and community involvement. Join us, and perhaps discover a new passion in the world of wildlife preservation. Reach out to Terry at 623-696-5579 or via email at for more information. Rest assured, your efforts will be rewarded with meals and the satisfaction of making a tangible difference.

Tackling Environmental Challenges

Our commitment continues with a cleanup initiative at Cortes Ranch, scheduled for February or early March. This effort combats the aftermath of irresponsible camping, removing debris and restoring the natural beauty of the area. Your participation not only helps the environment but also offers a chance to bond over community service, complete with lunch and treats.

Harnessing Solar Energy for Sustainability

Thanks to APS’s generous donations, numerous windmills have transitioned to solar power, significantly enhancing water access for wildlife and cattle. As we observe an increase in solar panel adoption across ranches, we’re reminded of the transformative power of sustainable practices in conservation.

Adopt a Water Catchment Program

With the onset of summer, AMDO invites the community to join our “Adopt a Water Catchment” program. This initiative, akin to the adopt-a-highway model, encourages families and individuals to oversee the maintenance of water catchments. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, contribute to wildlife preservation, and enjoy quality time with family.

Save the Date: Region 6 Banquet

Don’t miss out on one of our highlight events of the year – the Region 6 Banquet in New River, slated for April 27th. Renowned as one of our best, this event promises to bring together the AMDO community for a night of celebration and support for our ongoing conservation efforts. Tickets will be available on our website, so mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

As we embrace 2024, AMDO is committed to expanding our conservation projects, fostering community involvement, and strengthening our efforts to preserve Arizona’s precious wildlife and habitats. Join us on this journey, and let’s make a positive impact together.

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