August Newsletter 

August has come and tomorrow it will be gone. This has been one of the hottest months on record for Arizona and our mule deer and all other wildlife has had a tough go of it. Water has been hauled, tanks have been maintained, or rebuilt. AMDO has been busy! 

September is the month we all look forward to. It doesn’t cool way down but it starts to descend daily and man we need that! Elk are starting to bugle, antelope are starting to rut, mule deer are shedding the velvet and the mosquitos are thirsty! September is when all our regions start to ramp up for their youth camps and we look forward to having them!  

Hunting Heritage is the future to wildlife conservation and that is why AMDO works as hard as we do to get kids and new hunters involved.  

AMDO recently held a Hunters Skills Camp in the Prescott National Forest. When we were planning this camp we thought we would have a lot of younger kids and some teenaged people joining us, oh man were we wrong! When all the registrations were filled, we had an age range from 19 to 60 years of age! This told us something, it told us that there are a lot of people out there in our great state of Arizona that want to learn about hunting but have no place to go. Now that AMDO knows we will have a class, maybe two, each year going forward for folks of all ages to go to.     

AMDO was busy in August with projects and water maintenance, along with water hauls. AMDO has a person who has a hard time getting great achievements out there and that person is me. I will do a better job of showing all of our loyal members where their hard-earned money is going. I think knowing and seeing that AMDO is always doing something for wildlife helps a person buy that raffle ticket or donate that buck! I will add a few pics to this newsletter to show you some of the cool stuff we do. 

Did you know that AMDO has its own raffle page? We do! If you click on this link you can go and buy raffle tickets for all sorts of great prizes! It is all 100% tax deductible and you really can win some great prizes, and it helps AMDO to keep moving forward and doing all the things we do. 

I hope all of you have had a great hunting season so far! If you would like to show some kids how to hunt you should come to one of our many youth camps and be a mentor. If you would like to know more email Terry at and he will get you filled in on the camps and mentoring. 

We can always use help on these projects, and we will post them on our website going forward. 

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