Navigating the Hot August and Welcoming the Promising September

August’s Intense Heatwaves

August swiftly passed us by, leaving a trail of extreme temperatures in its wake. Arizona witnessed one of its hottest months on record, posing severe challenges for our mule deer and the entire spectrum of local wildlife. Despite these trials, AMDO has been actively involved in water hauling and the maintenance and reconstruction of tanks.

 September’s Much-Awaited Respite

As the heat of August fades, we eagerly embrace September. Though not a drastic drop, temperatures gradually recede, bringing immense relief. Nature awakens – elk begin their haunting bugles, antelope enter their rutting phase, mule deer shed their velvet, and mosquitos are on the hunt! This month also marks the beginning of our youth camps across all regions, an initiative we eagerly anticipate every year.

Upholding Hunting Heritage for Future Conservation

Hunting heritage stands as the bedrock for wildlife conservation. At AMDO, we channel our efforts to involve the youth and novice hunters, ensuring the continuation of this legacy.

AMDO’s Hunter Skills Camp – A Surprise Turnout!

Our recently organized Hunter Skills Camp in the Prescott National Forest unveiled a fascinating revelation. Contrary to our expectations of attracting younger participants, we witnessed a diverse age group, ranging from 19 to 60! This underscores the latent desire among Arizonans to learn about hunting but lacking avenues to do so. In response, AMDO plans to conduct one or possibly two annual camps catering to enthusiasts of all age groups.

An Active August and AMDO’s Commitment

Last month was packed with AMDO projects, water maintenance activities, and water hauls. A personal admission – I recognize that I haven’t always been prompt in sharing our accomplishments. I commit to improving this, ensuring our loyal members understand the impact of their contributions. A sneak peek into our endeavors will be featured in this newsletter through some captivating photographs.

Exciting Raffles and Wins with AMDO

Were you aware that AMDO has an exclusive raffle page? By visiting here, you can purchase raffle tickets and stand a chance to win incredible prizes. Rest assured, your contributions are 100% tax deductible and pivotal in propelling AMDO’s conservation initiatives.

Join Us in Our Quest

As hunting season unfolds, we hope you’ve had memorable experiences. Should you wish to mentor young hunters, our youth camps offer the perfect platform. Interested individuals can reach out to Terry at for details on camps and mentoring.

Our ongoing projects always welcome additional hands. For information on upcoming initiatives, stay tuned to our website.

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