October: A Time for Action and Reflection

 Time’s Fleeting Moments and Nature’s Enduring Needs

October, here we are! Can you believe how quickly life goes by? Time will never stand still, and our wildlife continuously needs our assistance to thrive.

 Successful Collaborations for Nature

AMDO has collaborated with SCI and WWW to refurbish yet another catchment in the southern part of our state. To date, 8 catchments have been rejuvenated, resealed, and given a fresh coat of paint. All this was made possible thanks to SCI’s generous funding, the expertise from Wildlife Water Works, and the relentless dedication of AMDO members.

Youth Deer Camps – Passing On the Legacy

I’m excited to announce that our first youth deer camps are scheduled for this very weekend! It’s heartwarming to gather during this time of year, guiding our young ones as they discover the joys of hunting and the grandeur of nature. I urge everyone reading this to consider contributing to these camps, either by volunteering or through donations. If you’re keen to help financially or by providing hunting giveaways for our raffles, remember that every child at camp will leave with a prize.

For those interested in trying their luck, you can purchase raffle tickets here.

 Looking Ahead – Projects and Plans

Our team has set sights on refurbishing a catchment in Unit 42. Additionally, we’re exploring the feasibility of installing a solar array and pump on a dormant well. Our plan is to revitalize this well by 2024, channeling water to several troughs in the vicinity. Should you wish to participate in these endeavors, please reach out to me at terry@azmuledeer.org for further details.

Happy Halloween

Before I sign off, here’s wishing everyone a joyful and safe Halloween! Let’s make it a day of goodwill. Reach out, and perform a kind act. It’s a surefire way to happiness.

 Our Partners

  • Wildlife Water Works
  • SCI
  • AMDO
  • Arizona Game and Fish

Remember, partnerships pave the way for meaningful change in wildlife conservation.

 The Empire Ranch Water Catchment Restoration Project

Our September project at Empire Ranch concluded on a high note. 11 devoted volunteers dedicated 11 hours, clearing an extensive amount of brush and sealing two overrun concrete water shed aprons. Our collective efforts also witnessed Tiffany from SCI, three of her colleagues, three AZGF employees, and four AMDO members all working hand in hand.

A huge shoutout to Tiffany of SCI for spearheading this and seven other catchment projects in southern Arizona since March. Your leadership is invaluable. To all participants, we’re indebted for your contributions!


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